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Can be diffused, used in direct inhalation, and applied topically (if applying topically always dilute to 5% in carrier oil before using direct on skin.)

Botanical Name: Jonquilla narcissus.

Origin: France.

Perfume note: Middle note.

Extraction method: Organic extraction - hexane free

Plant Part: Flowers

Aroma: Very sweet, floral. highly sought after for high quality perfumes.  Jonquil has a strong, floral aroma that carries floral notes that tend to linger along with balsamic and beeswax lingering tones. 

Cultivated in France exclusively for the traditional perfume industry. It takes around 2500 kilos of hand picked freshly harvested flowers to produce 1 kilo of the absolute so it is not hard to imagine why it is so expensive, so highly prized, and so desired. It is very rare indeed.

This is the real deal and comes in a dark amber glass bottle. It is made with pure 100% Therapeutic grade Absolute Essential Oil. We pride ourselves on only providing products that contain no synthetic additives or fillers.

These beautiful 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils will impress and delight your senses as only a Pure Essential oil can.

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