Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery

  • Can I pick up my order? We are strictly online with no pickup option, however we do ship all orders within one business day or sooner where possible, we offer a free shipping option, and we also have an Express Post option for a flat rate of $7.

  • Will I get a tracking number for my order? Yes you will! We ship ALL orders with tracking, which means you can follow along as your order is updated on the journey to you. You will receive your tracking  number with your shipping notification email.

  • What courier do you use? Can I choose my own? We have an eparcel contract with Australia Post and a daily collection. We do not use any other shipping methods at this point in time as we have a large number of orders less than 500g and other couriers do not provide the same service, price, or tracking ability that we currently receive for the range of parcel sizes.

Essential Oils & Absolutes

  • Why do your oils say they are not to be ingested? We adhere to Australian Law by stating this on all of our essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated substances that can cause damage when ingested. There are some rare exceptions in the food manufacturing industry, and for carefully prescribed cases from a qualified Naturopath or Aromatic Medicine Practitioner. It does not matter where you have purchased your essential oil, or what the stated quality or grade is, this is the law in Australia and anyone, or any other business that says you can ingest essential oils outside of the above stated cases, is doing the wrong thing.

  • Can I get samples of your essential oils? We do not have a way to provide small samples of the essential oils at this stage, however we do offer a 5mL size for purchase, which is a great way to try the oils before purchasing larger quantities.

  • My oils arrived and the bottles are not full. Why is there are gap? The bottles are designed to leave 'buffer' or 'overflow' space at the top to leave room for build up of gasses that can occur. The total capacity of the bottles includes the 'sale volume' of 5, 15, 50, or 100mL, plus extra space for the 'overflow volume'. This means the total volume of a 5mL oil for example, is around 8mL.

  • I purchased Oakmoss and the oil is really thick. Why is this and how do I use it? Not all essential oils and absolutes are thin and clear at room temperature. Some oils are naturally thick, or even solid at room temperature, so they need to be carefully warmed up to make the liquid more mobile and easy to use. We usually recommend placing the bottle inside a waterproof bag, like a ziplock bag and sitting it in a warm water bath for a few minutes. Once the liquid is free flowing it can be blended into a carrier oil like jojoba, balm bases, or other essential oils. You do need to work quickly to mix it into the solution however, as they colder elements will begin to turn it solid again if it is not quickly mixed. Oakmoss, Benzoin, Orris Butter/Concrete, and Amber, are some great example of this.