Fruit & Herb Powders

Fruit & Herb Powders

In this category you will find all of our herb and fruit powders, including whole food powders, freeze dried powders and extracts. Many of these powders are absolutely brilliant to dissolve into hot water and enjoy as a herbal beverage, or to use in cooking and baking.

The naturally colourful powders, such as many of the fruit powders and Butterfly Pea Flower Powder, work wonderfully as natural colouring agents in baking cakes, cookies and breads, smoothies and lattes, as well as fancy cocktails. Some of the powders are great to add on top of breakfast meals like Oatmeal, Yoghurt, Flavoured Milk, Cereal and Granola to boost flavour and colour, or add a fruity twist to salad dressings!

Some other ideas
Baking Bread: hide vegetable powders to boost the nutritional content of your homemade bread, or add some fruit powder for some fun colour experiments. You may need to add a little extra moisture to account for the extra dry ingredients. Why not try boosting the intensity of the flavour, and increasing fibre by adding some Banana powder to your banana bread?
Pikelets, Pancakes, Crepes & Waffles: play with the colours of these items by adding different fruit powders for a fancy change.
Muffins & Scones: just like with the bread batter, boost your flavour intensity with some powders, or make fun colours for the kids (young and old) to enjoy!
Marshmallows: if you wanted to try making homemade Marshmallows, why not try a traditional recipe and use our Marshmallow powder. This is a whole food powder, which contains all of the natural parts of the root that is needed to gel up your mix (as a gelatin alternative), and you can flavour and colour the marshmallows using the herbal and fruit powders!
Icing and Frosting: this is an area that the powders REALLY shine, only needing a small amount to get a great pop of colour. It doesn't matter whether you are making a sugary glaze, buttercream icing, whipped cream, or whipped cream cheese frosting, the colours work beautifully and top off your baked delights with such fun.
Ice Cream: sprinkle freeze dried fruit powders on top of your ice cream to decorate and add flavour, or mix it through to increase the colour and flavour intensity.

We can trace written records of the use of medicinal plants back as far as ancient Sumeria, approximately 5000-years ago, and in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) over 2000-years ago.

Botanical medicine is alive and well today, with more people discovering how powdered fruits and herbs can assist, complement, and support reaching nutritional goals, optimising health and physical performance.

The wonderful world of herbs and fruits can all be found here at My Herb Clinic, one of Australia's best stores to buy herbs, spices and powdered fruits online. Read on to learn more about our extensive powdered fruit herb selection.

What is fruit and herb powder?

Fruit and herb powders are made by drying or dehydrating medicinal and nutritional botanicals. This process can be achieved in various ways and preserves the dietary compounds within the herbs and fruits, allowing them to be stored for a long time without spoiling.


As the name suggests, sundried herbs and fruits are placed in food-safe receptacles and dried using the power and heat of the sun. The earliest known practice of sun-drying foods, herbs, and spices date back to 12,000 BC by the inhabitants of what is now the Middle East and Asia.


A dehydrator is a machine that uses warm air to slowly remove the water and moisture from botanical matter, like herbs and fruits. The length of time this process takes can vary depending on the botanical's moisture content.


Freeze-drying, technically called lyophilisation or cryodesiccation, is a dehydration process that involves fast-freezing the botanical matter. The pressure of the frozen material is lowered, and the ice, which holds the botanicals moisture, is removed via a sublimation process.

Once the water and moisture have been removed from the botanicals, the nutrients, fibre, and nutritional contents are intact. The dried herbs and fruits can then be pulverised into nutritious powders.

Traditionally this may be achieved by a grinding stone or mortar and pestle; however, today, store-bought fruit and herb powders are usually pulverised using machinery to speed up the process and provide consistency.

These colourful and nutrition-packed powders can promote health and provide supplementary nutrition by being ingested orally by adding to food and beverages.

These powders can also be used to add colour and flavours to foods using a more nutritional, less processed source instead of potentially harmful or nutrient-void artificial colours and flavours.

Read on to learn more about our wide range of fruit and herb powders, how to use them, and discover why our My Herb Clinic store is the best place to buy herb powder Australia wide.

Herbs for sale

Our selection of all-natural, sustainably-sourced powdered herbs is of the highest quality and comes in environmentally-friendly packaging. 

We have pages of different herbal compounds, including popular powdered herbs traditionally used by Herbalists and Naturopaths for a variety of conditions such as:

  • Organic Mullein Extract for lungs
  • Mulungu for improved sleep
  • Licorice root for stomach upsets
  • Dandelion Root for added vitamins 
  • Raspberry for ketones and weight support
  • Lavender for anxiety relief
  • Turmeric for inflammation
  • Spirulina for Vegan iron
  • Psyllium husk for digestive support
  • Ashwagandha for energy and stress relief
  • Organic Ginkgo Biloba for memory and concentration
  • Milk thistle for liver support
  • Senna leaf for digestive function and much more

Powdered herbs are a great way to improve nutrition, promoting brain and physical performance in a convenient powdered form that can be easily added to anything.

Fruit powders

Fruit powders are a great way to boost nutrients in things like smoothies, add to food and baked goods, or used to sprinkle directly onto your meals.

Our extensive range of high-quality and organic fruit powders includes popular fruit supplements used by Nutritionists and Naturopaths such as:

  • Goji berry powder for healthy blood pressure
  • Juniper berry for arthritis and autoimmune support
  • Banana for flavour gut health and added vitamins
  • Organic Gooseberry for hair and skin health
  • Watermelon for skincare
  • Papaya for anti-viral support
  • Apple pectin for fibre and food thickening
  • Organic Pomegranate for vitamins and antioxidants
  • Carrot powder for minerals and natural colour
  • Strawberry for iodine and much more

Fruit powder allows you to maximise nutrient intake and add flavour and colour while providing your body with everything it needs to function optimally.

Fruit and herb powder blends

Our collection of fruit and herb powders also come in a range of blends designed to improve cooking, boost the immune system, optimise fitness and athletic performance and optimise nutrition in your diet.

Our range of herb and fruit powder blends includes:

  • Organic Berserker pre-workout
  • Ayurvedic blends
  • Digestive blends
  • Energy and mental performance
  • Immune support and more

We also have a range of gift boxes and sampler packs; the perfect present for loved ones and health-conscious friends and family.


Use our powdered fruits and herbs to boost your daily nutrition through healthy whole food sources easily added to protein shakes and juices, healthy salads, fruit salads, or any other meal to optimise the nutritional spectrum of your diet.


Add flavour, colour, vitamins and minerals to your favourite smoothies and smoothie bowls; simply add the recommended amount to your blender or sprinkle it on top of your smoothie bowl, fruit salad, yoghurt or breakfast cereal.

Baking and cooking

Whether you are looking to boost nutrition, thicken, colour, or spice up your meals, our My Herb Clinic fruit and herb powder selection has something for every culinary masterpiece or cultural delicacy.

Our wide range of herb and fruit powders are perfect for adding to:

  • Bread
  • Pancakes and pikelets
  • Crepes and waffles
  • Muffins and scones
  • Stirfry
  • Vegetables
  • Salads
  • Casseroles and soups
  • Pies and much more

With over 150 powdered fruits and herbs to choose from, our My Herb Clinic selection is your one-stop shop to buy fruit powders and herbs for sale.

Buy herbs at My Herb Clinic

As well as powdered herbs, we also have a large selection of whole herbs and spices for sale. We are committed to the health of all Australians, using the purest natural supplements provided by nature's own pharmacy. We provide fast and affordable shipping Australia-wide, so browse and buy online today. 

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