Aroma Bullet Blends

Aroma Bullet Blends

Imagine getting into your car and smelling a beautiful combination of Essential Oils that are designed to keep you alert and focussed whilst driving. 

Not only does this smell great but is really good for you. 

There are occasions when accidents occur because a driver is tired or in a fatigued state. Obviously if you are overtired or fatigued do not drive, but many persons become weary at the wheel. This special blend is designed to assist with overcoming tired feelings or lack of concentration. 

This amazing Aroma Bullet car diffuser is designed to hang in the car diffuse a beautiful blend of delicious aromas that can only be obtained from real and pure essential oils. 

Refills can also be purchased and there are 5 car varieties to choose from.​​​​​​​

The scent is truly going to delight your senses and make driving a pleasure.

Makes a great gift for you or a special friend.