Herbs - Individual

Herbs - Individual

In this category you will find all of our individual herbs that are either Chunky, Tea Bag, or Fine Cut. The herbal powders are listed in a separate category - Fruit & Herb Powders.

We source our herbs from Australia and around the world, looking for the finest quality products to present to you. We will provide organic herbs where possible, and this will be included in the product title and description. Some of the herbs will be Wildcrafted, which means they have grown wild in their natural habitat, rather than farmed and cultivated. 

We offer a range of package sizes on most of our herbs, and you can select your preferred size in grams from within each product. If a product or size is not currently available, it will not be displayed as an option.

Don't forget, we offer FREE POSTAGE on all orders, no minimum order value required, and we also have an Express Post option available for a small flat fee.