What are freeze dried fruit powders?

What are freeze dried fruit powders?

Freeze drying fresh fruit can help maintain the natural nutrient content and flavour while increasing the shelf life of the fruit. This is achieved by freezing the fruit and then using a vacuum system to remove the ice crystals that form during the freezing process, which removes most of the water content. The dried fruit can then be easily ground into a fine powder that is water soluble and bursting with flavour.

What can freeze dried fruit powder be used for?

Freeze dried fruit powders are natural flavour enhancers in baking and other cooking applications and can be used as natural food colouring agents as well. Because they naturally retain their flavour, sweetness, and nutrients, they are perfect to add to baking without having to adjust your recipe for increased liquid like you would with whole fruit. A small amount of powder will give the same flavour punch and colour as a much larger quantity of fresh fruit.

Freeze dried fruit powders are wonderful to try if you like to make French macarons as they work wonderfully in the meringue like cookie and can also be used to flavour and colour the yummy filling.

The more colourful powders are a wonderful way to decorate finished cakes, cookies, and desserts, by sprinkling over the top as a decorative and flavourful garnish.

For healthier options, these powders are a great addition to chia puddings, yoghurt, and smoothies to increase the nutrient profile, while adding natural sweetness and flavour.

What types of freeze-dried fruit powder do you have?

We are always adding new products to our range, but we currently have a yummy range of freeze-dried fruit powders in stock including:

  • Raspberry
  • Black Goji Berry
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Pawpaw/Papaya

Get Experimenting with these Superfood powders now!

Do you want to start trying out these delicious flavours? Search for freeze dried powders on our website or click here to view the range and get started on your culinary journey today!

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