Change Your Mind Change Your Life®


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Isochronic Tones for headphone or stereo speakers.

Refreshing and Relaxing
Removes Stress
Relieves Headaches and Tension
Induces Peaceful Bliss
Relaxation at the Deepest Levels.
Enjoy Altered States of Mind Awareness.
Recharge Mind and Body.
Aids in Sleep.
Aids Natural Healing of the Body.
Aids Clarity of Mind.
Increases Perception and Precognition.
You will be Amazed at the results. ​​​​​​
Play this whilst going to sleep.
30 minute session.
mp3 version.

This is a Powerful Super Consciousness Tool that refreshes, revitalizes and Energizes the Brain.
Push play, relax and float away while your brain is washed in a harmonic sea of Deep Theta waves.

Play this beautiful Ocean Dreams Relaxation Session and allow yourself to relax, while your brain is gently guided on a brainwave journey that simulates the natural flow and ebb of deep brainwave states until perfect relaxation is achieved.

Change Your Mind Change Your Life® 

This is a Powerful Tool for Experiencing Total Relaxation.

This session can be played at anytime and even in the background while you are doing other activities. Experience the Total Relaxation of the soft caress of the backdrop of Ocean waves while your brain is taken through a number of Alpha and Theta Brainwave states that not only enhances Total Relaxation but also actively works behind the scenes to remove Stress and Anxiety.
Not only is this a Beautiful and Peaceful 30 minute journey of Total Relaxation but this session has had Isochronic Brainwave Tones embedded within it that not only enhance Total Relaxation but are actively working behind the scenes to remove all anxiety and stress.
This Powerful tool will start working from the very first time you listen to it and with repeated use will get more and more results. You may find that in time your brain will be able to access these peaceful states at will. 

With continued use the states will be deeper and heightened relaxation will be experienced. Eventually you may even reach these states without the use of the download naturally and at will. 
Once you use this session you will be so physically relaxed that you will be ready for any kind of inner work or problem solving.           
Anyone who seeks Relaxation at the Deepest Levels.Those who enjoy Altered States of Mind Awareness.

Anyone who Meditates.

Professionals who have high tension work environments. 

Anyone suffering Stress or Tension.
Those who want to Recharge Mind and Body.
After a hard day.
Those who suffer from tension or headaches.
Removes Worry.
Aids in Sleep.
Aids Natural Healing of the Body.
Aids Clarity of Mind.
Increases Perception and Precognition.

No experience needed as your own brainwaves will automatically attune to the Powerful brainwave pulses causing what is known as a frequency following response. 

These Sessions have been used by thousands of Happy and Satisfied buyers all over the world and they will work for you Too.
This is so easy to do and you don’t need any prior experience. its as simple as pushing a play button.

Some other Benefits
Heightened emotions
Improved learning abilities
Deep relaxation
Enhanced creativity,
Increased spiritual awareness & metaphysical abilities
Access to the subconscious mind
Improvement in meditation and self-hypnosis sessions
Feelings of freedom and being in touch with your ‘real self’
Improved physical health and healing.

 John P.
Many thanks for this download. Have been using it every night for 3 weeks and I can feel the difference. The first few days I used it I wasnt sure but by the 3rd day I started to feel better, now I feel great. Recommend to all.

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