Change Your Mind Change Your Life®


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 Dolphin Dreaming Relaxation Experience Brainwave Session

Change Your Mind Change Your Life®

This is a Powerful Tool for Experiencing Total Relaxation.

This session can be played at anytime and even in the background while you are doing other activities. Experience the Total Relaxation of the various Dolphin Sounds while listening to the soft caress of the backdrop of Ocean waves while your brain is taken through a number of Alpha and Theta Brainwave states that not only enhances Total Relaxation but also actively works behind the scenes to remove Stress and Anxiety. 
Not only is this a Beautiful and Peaceful 40 minute journey of Total Relaxation but this session has had Isochronic Brainwave Tones embedded within it that not only enhance Total Relaxation but are actively working behind the scenes to remove all anxiety and stress.
This Powerful tool will start working from the very first time you listen to it and with repeated use will get more and more results. You may find that in time your brain will be able to access these peaceful states at will.

Benefits of Using the Dolphin Dreaming Session 

.Experiencing Deep and Satisfying levels of Relaxation

.Being Peaceful

.Being Happy

.Being able to relate better with Friends and family

.Better Health

.Removing Fear 

.Removing Stress 

.Removing Anxiety 

.Overcoming Phobias

.+ much much more  



Interesting facts about Dolphins

In around 80% of people who experience contact with dolphins it has been found that their Brain wave patterns shift from their normal states of consciousness to a theta state. The theta brain wave patterns induce states of expanded consciousness such as those found during meditation or transcendental states of being. This brings feelings of deep peace, relaxation, a heightened sense of well being, bliss, increased learning capabilities, and a deeper understanding of being part of a larger universe. Another interesting fact is that both hemispheres of the brain become synchronized which in humans it is not normally the case. When both hemispheres are synchronized, meaning the electromagnetic frequencies put out are the same pulse rate, higher states of consciousness are accessed much easier.

Dolphins can live up to 30-35 years.

Dolphins can swim 25 mph +/- and dive to depths of 500 feet. When swimming, the most powerful stroke of the tail is the upward stroke. To attain maximum thrust a dolphin will lie on it's side in relation to the surface. 

This is a must have! The amazing thing about this is how easy it is to get incredible results.

This session utilises an amazing process called FREQUENCY FOLLOWING RESPONSE and essentially means that when a rhythm is heard for a certain period of time the listeners brainwaves automatically attune to the same frequency thereby synchronizing its own electric cycles to that very same rhythm. This process was first identified in the 1930s and a multitude of scientific investigation has followed throughout the years from that time to now. It was further discovered that certain frequencies caused the brain to go into various states such as Alpha, Delta, Gamma, Beta and Theta and that these states could have various effects on the brain to release hormones and cause Positive Outcomes in the human body.





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