Change Your Mind Change Your Life®


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Isochronic Tones for headphone or stereo speakers.

Relaxation at the Deepest Levels.     

A Positive State Of Mind.

Better Emotional Stability.

Recharge Mind and Body.     

Aids Natural Healing of the Body.     

Aids Clarity of Mind.    

You will be Amazed at the results. ​​​​​​


Change Your Mind Change Your Life®

This is a Powerful Tool for assisting Stress and Anxiety. 

This Session attunes the listeners brainwaves to that natural state that bypasses the natural critical awareness conscious filter that will change the way you feel. This has had special scripts added to it to direct the mind towards the desired goal in a focused successful state. 

If you have Stress or Anxiety in your life or have a friend or loved one who does, then you'll love this! What you are looking at is a BRAND NEW Stress & Anxiety Relief.

This MP3 Digital session utilises an amazing process called FREQUENCY FOLLOWING RESPONSE and essentially means that when a rhythm is heard for a certain period of time the listener's brainwaves automatically attune to the same frequency thereby synchronizing its own electric cycles to that very same rhythm. This process was first identified in the 1930s and a multitude of scientific investigation has followed throughout the years from that time to now. It was further discovered that certain frequencies caused the brain to go into various states such as Alpha, Delta, Gamma, Beta and Theta and that these states could have various effects on the brain to release hormones and cause Positive Outcomes in the human body.

This session is designed to take your brainwave patterns to the brainwave state where the listener is balanced and soothed by the alpha band which removes Stress and Anxiety. The program has been incredibly effective with Stress and Anxiety Disorders. This has also has had suggestions added to it to help focus the brain towards the desired state.

Dear Change Your Mind Change Your Life. I would like to thank you for the Stress session that was supplied by your company. After playing the session for a few days I began to notice that it was much easier to relax and get to sleep of an evening. I have found that by continuing to listen to this it keeps me in a more relaxed state. My compliments and keep up the good work. Regards Ian.

Thank you very much. It was a pleasant experience. Im very impressed. Jessica

They are great sessions. They help me heaps :-) Thanks. -michelle

This particular session has also had audible suggestions that are used to stimulate the brain, focusing mind and body to help with the desired effect.

You may find yourself very surprised at the Positive effects this can have on the rest of your life. The Wonderful thing is that you can even listen to this while you sleep and let it do all the work for you at night. 

The Subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and can help us or hinder us more than we are naturally aware.
It doesn't consciously do either but rather acts like a recording device soaking up the impressions that it receives from the world around us.
It then programs the conscious mind with the content that it has absorbed. If the content is positive then all is good but if the content is negative or limiting then that is not good and tends to work against us when we try to improve our lot in life.
Especially if we try to make changes on a conscious level. It is a defensive mechanism of the subconscious mind to overwrite any changes we do try to make at a conscious level and this is the main reason we tend to fail when making changes in our lives.
How often have you decided to make a change in your life and for the first few days or a week or so everything is good then as soon as you consciously relax your desire the old programming jumps in and reasserts itself.
It has been discovered that the best way to make successful changes is to do so at the subconscious level by exposing it to a process known as beneficial Meta Programming.
Meta Programming uses various processes and techniques to bypass the natural critical awareness conscious filter of the mind and reprogram the subconscious mind from the old and outdated limiting past patterns of negativity and programming to rewrite the hard drive in your head or brain with new and fresh programming that can produce amazing results.
It is so easy to make long lasting and permanent results that you will be amazed.
You can even use this while going to sleep or sleeping and it will still work the same.
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