Change Your Mind Change Your Life®


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Change Your Mind Change Your Life®

This is a Powerful Tool for assisting to stop smoking.

Designed to help those who are trying to quit smoking by reducing the urge to self-medicate, causing a deep relaxation, whilst at the same time increasing alpha and theta waves. It also works to correct brainwave deficiency commonly found in those suffering from Addictive Personalities. Neuro-Linguistic Programming commands to help those with a Smoking Addiction have been added to focus the brain patterns for the desired outcome.

This Session attunes the listeners brainwaves to that natural state that bypasses the natural critical awareness conscious filter that will change the way you feel about being smoking. This has had special scripts added to it to direct the mind towards the desired goal in a focused successful state.

If you ever needed a bit of a helping hand with stopping to smoke or have a Friend or Loved one who does, then you'll love this!
Here's why!
The Subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and can help us or hinder us more than we are naturally aware.

It doesnt consciously do either but rather acts like a recording device soaking up the impressions that it receives from the world around us.

It then programs the conscious mind with the content that it has absorbed. If the content is positive then all is good but if the content is negative or limiting then that is not good and tends to work against us when we try to improve our lot in life.

Especially if we try to make changes on a conscious level. It is a defensive mechanism of the subconscious mind to overwrite any changes we do try to make at a conscious level and this is the main reason we tend to fail when making changes in our lives.

How often have you decided to make a change in your life and for the first few days or a week or so everything is good then as soon as you consciously relax your desire the old programming jumps in and reasserts itself.

It has been discovered that the best way to make successful changes is to do so at the subconscious level by exposing it to a process known as beneficial Meta Programming.

Meta Programming uses various processes and techniques to bypass the natural critical awareness conscious filter of the mind and reprogram the subconscious mind from the old and outdated limiting past patterns of negativity and programming to rewrite the hard drive in your head or brain with new and fresh programming that can produce amazing results.

It is so easy to make long lasting and permanent results that you will be amazed.

You can even use this while going to sleep or sleeping and it will still work the same.

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