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From Our Mind To Yours 

Isochronic Tones for Brainwave Attunement.
Relaxation at the Deepest Levels.
A Positive State Of Mind.
Better Emotional Stability
Recharge Mind and Body.
Aids Natural Healing of the Body.
Aids Clarity of Mind.
You will be Amazed at the results. ​​​​​​
Plus Much Much More.


The Subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and can help us or hinder us more than we are naturally aware.

It doesn't consciously do either but rather acts like a recording device soaking up the impressions that it receives from the world around us.

It then programs the conscious mind with the content that it has absorbed. If the content is positive then all is good but if the content is negative or limiting then that is not good and tends to work against us when we try to improve our lot in life.

Especially if we try to make changes on a conscious level. It is a defensive mechanism of the subconscious mind to overwrite any changes we do try to make at a conscious level and this is the main reason we tend to fail when making changes in our lives.

How often have you decided to make a change in your life and for the first few days or a week or so everything is good then as soon as you consciously relax your desire the old programming jumps in and reasserts itself.

It has been discovered that the best way to make successful changes is to do so at the subconscious level by exposing it to a process known as beneficial Meta Programming.

Meta Programming uses various processes and techniques to bypass the natural critical awareness conscious filter of the mind and reprogram the subconscious mind from the old and outdated limiting past patterns of negativity and programming to rewrite the hard drive in your head or brain with new and fresh programming that can produce amazing results. 

This session is unique to us and has been used by satisfied customers all over the world. 

Proudly servicing and helping the worldwide community for nearly 20 years with self help and meditation programs. 

It is so easy to make long lasting and permanent results that you will be amazed.

You can even use this while going to sleep or sleeping and it will still work the same.

Special Meta Programming signals and commands reprogram your awareness for maximum success.More Information About Our Products

The Brain is incredibly complex and is constantly charged with electrical activity with billions of neurons firing off wave forms that are know as brainwaves. These Brainwaves naturally operate at various different frequencies but there will always be one predominant frequency at which most of these waves will come together or synchronise at. Scientists who first investigated this phenomena also found that the frequencies were connected to various mind states, bodily functions and disorders. 

They also found that these mind states could be directly induced in a person by subjecting the brain to certain frequencies thereby bringing about changes in a persons mental state. It has been 70 years since this discovery and since that time there has been an enormous amount of research done in this area which has been come to be known as Brain Wave Entrainment. 

This Brain Wave Entrainment can directly affect mental states, moods, and behavior. It uses technologies that directly influence the Brain and the Subconscious that can bring about important life changes. Stimulating the brain in this manner increases cerebral blood flow and the production and growth of the various neurons, dendrites and more giving you the power to quickly and permanently change nearly anything about yourself that you desire. 

How does it work?
When the brain is given a stimulus through the ears such as listening to a download an electrical charge is emitted known as a Cortical Evoked Response. When such a stimulus is also rhythmic and consistent then the brain reproduces this rhythm by synchronizing its own frequencies to it. This is known as Frequency Following Response. 

Who is this Best for?
This can be used by anyone who wants to make rapid changes in their life and those who want to enhance their mental abilities. 

Who shouldn t use this?
. Whilst driving
. Or operating machinery 

-Emotional stability
-Better blood circulation
-improved thinking
-more energy
-heightened awareness
-access desired mental states at will
-get rid of bad habits
-banish destructive thought patterns
-overcome addictions
-increased relaxation 

Do your sessions contain subliminal commands?
No, our sessions contain no subliminal commands. Subliminal commands are said to be below the conscious hearing threshold but are supposed to impact on the subconscious mind.
There have been numerous research studies made in this area by many professional persons and they have all come to the same conclusion that it just doesnt work. The Myth of subliminal commands seems to have first originated with a marketing agent in the late 1950s who claimed to have increased sales of soft-drink and popcorn in a movie theatre by flashing commands onto the movie screen designed to make the viewers thirsty & hungry. He later admitted to have fabricated the study but this hoax is still mentioned today as a basis to prove that it does work. Even though these claimed results have never been able to be reproduced. 

In 1991 The University Of California released their findings in a paper that all their tests on the effectiveness of subliminal tapes failed to produce their claimed effects. So all of our sessions that have scripts or suggestions are audible. Because the listener is in a deep relaxed state due to the brainwave training the suggestions have a huge impact on the listener. 

Can these be used to help me sleep?
Most of these brainwave sessions can be played whilst going to sleep. Some of them are even designed to take the listener into brainwave activity that induces the brain down to a deep healthy sleep such as our sleep inductions. There is even a Insomnia session that stimulates SMR brainwaves to train the brain to have greater control over sleep and many people have used this to sleep even those who have had insomnia all their lives. 

Can this help me with sports?
We have special downloads for athletes, body builders and competition sports persons. Coaches and Trainers have used this kind of brainwave training for years to give their trainees the edge with accelerated growth, more energy, better sleep, reduced anxiety and also to give the very important psychological edge.

Can this help me with Meditation?
Meditation is one of the best ways to improve health and general well being.
We have a number of sessions that are designed to take the brain into deep brainwave alpha and theta states that can take a novice into states normally only experienced by experienced meditators. Even advanced meditators can reach states deeper than previously experienced. 

Can I rid myself of bad habits?
Yes, many of our sessions are designed to deal with changing habits and behaviors by using a system that acts like a digital hypnotist guiding the mind to a level of deep receptivity and then using suggestions to program the mind whilst in this state to make rapid and permanent changes in your life. 

Can Brainwave training help me with other disorders?
Firstly we must stress that brainwave training should not replace medical or psychological treatments and if in doubt your doctor should be consulted. Also if you are under the influence of mind altering drugs or substances you should not use brainwave entrainment. That being said research and hundreds of studies have shown that brainwave training can help with mood and attention disorders and correct many bio electrical imbalances common in mental disorders. 

How long does it take to get results?
Results vary from person to person and although some people get fast results we have found that to get the best results possible a session should be listened to every day for a month. We have also found that after using a particular cd/download over a period of time the need to continue using it disappears as the changes hoped for not only occur but are long lasting or permanent.


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