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Experience the pleasure of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil EUCALYPTUS GULLY GUM 

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus smithii
Method: steam distilled leaves
Origin: Australia

Common Name: Gully Gum Eucalyptus, White Ironbark, Smith's Gum.

Content: cineole, usually between 75% - 85%. 

It has a beautiful top note - quite sophisticated.

it is a great blender in all your sinus and air passages formulations, adding complexity without the camphor. 

Its anti-inflammatory, stimulating and warming action make this a very useful oil which contains citral, a constituent known for its cleansing abilities. 

This is the mildest of the Eucalyptus oils and is gently camphorous, fresh and faintly earthy. 

Because it is so mild when used properly on sensitive adults and it is the Eucalyptus of choice for delicate skin when mixed into carrier oils. 

Use to enliven massage oils, freshen-up stale air and create a clean feeling of freshness in your environment. 

Uses: Diffusion, inhalation and dermal application are just a few options for using this wonderfully unique therapeutic grade essential oil. 

All Purpose Cleanser recipe: 

Mix 40 drops Eucalyptus Gully Gum with 20 drops of Lemon Myrtle and 50 drops of Tea Tree with 20ml white vinegar. 

Add to 200ml of water. Shake well, spray on areas, and wipe off. 

Use to help clean surfaces, deodorize rubbish bins etc. 

Also use to wipe door handles, kitchen benches and other surfaces as needed to create a healthy home or work environment. 

Fragrance oils and essential oils that have fillers or are adulterated will have a negative effect so please ensure that you only purchase pure essential oils such as Celestial Oils® 

This is the real deal and comes in a dark amber glass bottle. It is made with pure 100% Therapeutic grade Essential Oil. We pride ourselves on only providing products that contain no synthetic additives or fillers.

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