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Carrot Powder

Botanical Name: Daucus carota
Organic Status: Organic
Country of Origin: China
Part: root
Form: powder

Carrot Powder is a multipurpose orange powder rich in numerous vitamins and minerals. It is a common ingredient in many recipes due to the mild, sweet, and slight peppery flavour. Great to add to smoothies, carrot cake and muffins, stews and soups, meat dishes and gravies. The culinary uses are practically unlimited, and it is easy to add to your flour. It has also been known to be a useful ingredient in cosmetics. 

Herbal Powder Brewing Instructions: Add 1 teaspoon of herbal powder to a cup or bowl, and combine with a small amount of boiled water at around 90°C to 100°C. Stir to combine, and top up your cup or bowl with more hot water, stirring as you do this. Add enough hot water to suit your preferred strength of tea. Serve and enjoy.

You can also add herbal powders to soups, stews, smoothies, and juices, or combine with other herbs!

Herbal teas can often be rebrewed between sittings.

The above instructions are general guidelines only, and brew strengths and times can be adjusted to suit personal taste. 

It is the nature of a natural product that there may be some differences in cut consistency, colour, and taste, due to changes in growing conditions, harvest time, and processing. Product may vary slightly from images shown due to this. We will always endeavour to provide consistently high quality products.

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