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Product Description
Directions: Applied directly to skin. This is a premixed roll-on safe to use directly on the skin.

It is a blend of 100% pure essential oils and Golden Jojobo certified organic oil. (This so it can be applied directly to the skin. Real essential oils are far to concentrated in most cases to be applied neat or directly onto the skin)

Place the oil directly onto pulse points such as the inner wrist and side of the neck for example so that the oils may be absorbed into the body.

Pure Plant Synergy:

Experience the pleasure of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil RAVENSARA
This oil is very good for assisting with depression and giving a boost to positive thoughts and feelings of hope. It uplifts your mood, relaxes the mind and invokes energy and sensations of hope and joy.
One of Natures amazing Therapeutic oils. Effective yet gentle. particularly effective in the winter months.
Slightly fruity aroma with clean and camphor notes.
Botanical Name = Ravensara Aromatic
Family = Lauracea
Origin = Madagascar
Method of extraction = Steam distillation
Plant part = Leaves
Widely praised for its camphorous smell which is similar to Eucalyptus. The leaves of Ravensara are the source of this beautiful oil. Due to its exotic aroma it is used in many perfumes.
Experience the natural wonders of this special essential oil whilst at the same time having the advantage of experiencing the beautiful all natural scent.

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