Change Your Mind Change Your Life®


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Listen to this wonderful sound journey and relax to the beautiful and tranquil sounds of Pregnancy Relaxation Affirmations with a backdrop of serene and relaxing music.

These affirmations are designed to ease the sometimes difficult feelings and emotions as the body develops and changes during pregnancy.

The affirmations are specially designed to impact on the subconscious mind and bring about emotional stability to make the listener emotionally happy and better prepared to deal with the changes.

The music is very relaxing and will take the listener on a journey of peace and tranquility into motherhood.

You can use this anytime you like even while going to sleep. It is particularly useful if you start to feel a little overwhelmed.

Here's what Alisha L. of Brisbane had to say:

During my first pregnancy I had a lot of anxiety about being able to "do it" (push the baby out). I'm overweight, and didn't really believe that I could. I spoke to a lot of medical professionals who all said, it might be the best option to have a caesarean section. I was about to give in, when I spoke to the team at My Herb Clinic. They helped me come up with a relaxation plan, filled my head with positive messages and believed in me when no one else did. By using their brain wave hypnosis session I gave birth to my son naturally. I was so proud that I didn't have any pain relief and gave my baby the best start in the world that I could. While listening to this, I found that I could relax easily, and the positive affirmations became a part of my being. I then lived with thoughts that I could "do it". I've since given birth to another son, and a set of boy girl twins, and I wouldn't have been able to without the help from the team, and from the relaxation session.

Change Your Mind Change Your Life®

You will be Amazed at the results. ​​​​​​ 

mp3 version.

Length of session 30 minutes. 


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