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    • Naturopathically prepared.
    • Mineral rich salts blended enhance the natural healing and soothing effects of a warm bath.
    • Hand packed fresh after you order by people who care about what you want.
    • Quality Control Tested.
    • Fast Fresh and Free Shipping.
    • Comes in high quality 'keep fresh' resealable packaging! Keep all the goodness in!
    • ingredients being personally selected based upon quality & freshness.
    • add to your tub for a sensational spa experience
    • use as soak before a pedicure or for sore, tired feet.
    • sprinkled on wet skin in the shower as salt scrub to exfoliate.
    • choose a blend to match to your mood, create a atmosphere, or for your therapeutic needs.
    • You will feel renewed and refreshed!

Contains Natural Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Therapeutic Grade Honeysuckle essential oil.

This is a luxurious bath salt blend that includes high quality natural Sea salts. This has been mixed with delightful pure 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential oil of Honeysuckle.

Delight in the aroma as you drift away at the end of the day.  To say that the floral scent of this oil is luscious is a understatement. This is a beautiful and long lasting scent on your body that you and others will admire.    

Suggested preparation for Bath:  Add a few Tablespoons of the bath salts into your bath or foot spa and allow them to dissolve for a minute before getting in and having a soak! Remember not to have your bath too hot, just nice and warm. Make sure you prepare your area and allow for no distractions as you will want to enjoy yourself!        

These salts can also be used as a body and foot scrub to leave your skin more soft and silky than you could possibly believe! We have used beautiful finely ground salts so that you can simply pop some in your hand with a little water and scrub away. This is a great option if you only have a shower or you are in a hurry. Makes a beautiful exfoliate.

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