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Isochronic Tones for headphone or stereo speakers.
Ocean Dreams Soundscape.
Relaxation at the Deepest Levels.     
Enjoy Altered States of Mind Awareness.  
Trance Work.
Creative Learning.
Problem Solving.
Experience deeper levels of Meditation.   
Recharge Mind and Body.     
Aids in Sleep.     
Aids Natural Healing of the Body.     
Aids Clarity of Mind.    
Increases Perception and Precognition.     
You will be Amazed at the results. ​​​​​​
Play this whilst going to sleep. 
Creativity & Brainstorming
Plus Much Much More. 


Delta States are the slowest band of brainwaves and until fairly recently it was generally believed that Delta States were only had whilst a person was unconscious or in a very deep sleep state and anyone in a Delta Brainwave state would not be able to be conscious.

However due to recent testing with EEG's and other scientific methods that it was found that Shamans and Healers were not only experiencing Delta Brainwaves States but were also conscious and performing various actions whilst performing Rituals and Healing techniques.

Playing this Delta Digital Brainwave Journey whilst sleeping will bring about Deep Dreamless Sleep.
It is also believed that Delta Brainwaves are very effective on the Limbic system particularly the amygdala & hypothalamus. The Limbic system has a strong effect on our emotions & autonomic functions.

Delta Brainwaves are can be used to sooth migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and blood pressure.

Experience and Induce the same Brainwaves as Shamans and Healers by simply Listening to this Digital Brainwave Journey of  Illumination. 

No experience needed as your own brainwaves will automatically attune to the Powerful Theta pulses causing what is known as a frequency following response. 

These Sessions have been used by thousands of Happy and Satisfied buyers all over the world and they  will work for you Too.  

Delta states are deeper than Alpha and Theta, Deep Altered States of Awareness and Mind Altering Consciousness can occur. 

This Powerful Entrainment Session will progressively shift your normal Beta Brainwaves to Delta Brainwave States. Guiding you deeper and deeper into relaxing Zen like states of peace and contemplation. 

The therapeutic relaxing benefits of using Delta Brainwaves is well known and documented. 

By using this powerful entrainment session to Delta brainwave mode, complete novices can attain meditational states that would normally takes years of practice to achieve. More experienced meditators can go deeper than ever before. 

In fact you can use the Delta Brainwave Session at any time you would like to relax or experience peaceful moments of quiet silence or mental calm. 

Delta Brainwaves have been used by many successful and famous people and you can too. 

This is so easy to do and you don’t need any prior experience. its as simple as pushing a play button. 

Use this Powerful Mind Session Tool to problem solve or complete projects by playing it in the background. 

Because of the Powerful Embedded Technology used in the creation of this Digital Brainwave Journey after a time you will be able to shift to Delta State at will. 

Imagine being able to shift your mind into a Zen like focus at will. Over time you will easily be Master of your own Mind.

These Amazing Sessions have a Ocean Dreams Soundscape to enhance the enjoyment of Perfect Awareness that Delta Brainwave Entrainment provides. 

By using this Powerful Awareness tool you will be able to access Expanded States of Consciousness. 

Suitable for Meditation. Trance Work. Problem Solving.  Relaxation. Introspection. Creativity Learning. Brainstorming. And Much More.

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