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Our moringa and chamomile fusion has a great impact on our well being, our positive moods, and the benefit of a wonderful nights sleep. Oh so delicious. 

Premium Organic Moringa

Botanical Name - Moringa oleifera 

Organic Status - Organic 

Country of Origin - India 

Plant Part - Leaves 

Premium Organic Chamomile

Place of Origin - Croatia 

Organic Status - Organic 

Botanical Name - Matricaria recutita

Form - Flowers 

Moringa tea is a amazing herbal tea that is made from the dried leaves of Moringa oleifera plant. It is also known as the horseradish tree, drumstick tree or Miracle tree.  

Native to India where it is extensively used as food and herbal medicine.  

These days it is grown in other countries that have tropical climates. It is not new but is only in the last few years that it has been gaining recognition outside India.  

Containing 27 vitamins including Vitamin A and Vitamin B6, minerals and 46 different antioxidants. This is why Moringa is also called the Healing Tree.   

The best part is that it is also caffeine free so you can drink a cup of moringa tea even in the evening.  

Use about 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea per cup of water. Steep in water for about 5 minutes, strain and drink. Add sweetener if needed.  

Moringa tea offers an earthy flavor similar to that of green tea. Having a very pleasant flavor, with light hay notes and no bitterness at all.  It leaves a very light sweet aftertaste and can tolerate high temperatures and longer brewing times.

Chamomile is a beautiful herbal tea that is wonderful to enjoy at night, but can be enjoyed at any time of the day.  Pour yourself a cup, sit back and relax!

This is a wonderful fusion of Moringa and Chamomile tea to have towards the end of the night. Relaxation Bliss.


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