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Hand packed fresh.
100% Natural.
Quality Control Tested.
Best quality for your pleasure.
Fast Fresh and Free Shipping.
High quality 'keep fresh' resealable packaging!
Keep all the goodness in!
Not mass produced.
Carefully packed by us.
No artificial flavours or enhancers.
Ingredients selected based on quality & freshness.

50g   = 100 serves

100g = 200 serves

200g = 400 serves 

Sourced from the finest mountain plantations this beautiful organic green Matcha powder tea is sure to please. We have taken great care to provide the finest organic premium quality. 

There are so many benefits to drinking green matcha tea. 

Use a 1/4 teaspoon in a little hot water and mix to a paste slowly adding more water and enjoy.

Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis
Status: Organic
Origin: China

Form: Powder

The leaf of the Camellia is grown and sourced from Organic plantations in China, however the process and use of matcha is a Japanese tradition.  After the first buds of the plant appear they are grown in shade for around 20 days, which increases the levels of the constituent theanine.  Around 88 days after the first day of Spring according to the Japanese calendar, the fresh buds are picked and the harvest begins.  As per the Japanese tradition, the harvested buds are then exposed to a short steaming, to help prevent oxidization and allow the young leaves to retain their green colour, and unlike Sencha, they are not rolled, they are instead cooled, and the remaining product is now called Tencha.  Tencha is then ground to a fine powder in a stone mill, which gives us the beautiful fine Matcha powder.   


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