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      • Naturopathically prepared.
      • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.
      • No Synthetics.
      • No Fillers.
      • 100% Natural.
      • Quality Control Tested.
      • Best quality for your pleasure.
      • Fast Fresh & Free Shipping.
      • High quality Amber Bottle with dropper!
      • Keep all the goodness in!
      • Not mass produced.
      • Carefully packed by us.
      • Ingredients personally selected based on quality & freshness.

      Experience the pleasure of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil PIMENTO BERRY

      Botanical Name: Pimento Officinalis Myrtaceae

      USDA Certified Organic
      Origin: South America
      Method: Steam Distilled unripe fruit

      Allspice has a warm and spicy aroma with a bit of sharpness. The aroma of allspice is warming and stimulating. When added to blends, it provides a distinctive aromatic layer. 

      Pimento Berry was discovered in 1821 and is a flowering shrub indigenous to Central and South America and some regions of West Indies. The fragrance of Pimento oil is similar to clove, black pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, therefore it is also known as Allspice. The plant is the member of Myrtaceae family and subfamily Myrtoideae.

      ​​Burn or diffuse to enjoy

      ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It comes in a professional glass amber bottle with dropper so you can easily use it in your diffuser or oil burner with ease without oil going everywhere.

      This is the real deal and comes in a dark amber glass bottle. It is made with pure 100% Therapeutic grade Essential Oil. We pride ourselves on only providing products that contain no synthetic additives or fillers.

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