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Botanical Name: Myroxylon pereira

Method: Steam Distillation
Origin: USA
Note: Base Note, Excellent Fixative

Experience the exquisite richness of Peru Balsam Essential Oil, a versatile gem in the world of natural perfumery and skincare.

With its luxurious, vanilla-like aroma, Peru Balsam Oil serves as a cost-effective substitute when craving that sweet Vanilla note in perfumes. Not only does it add depth to your scent compositions, but it also serves as an excellent fixative, ensuring your signature fragrance lingers throughout the day.

But its benefits extend far beyond the realm of perfumery. Rich in Benzoic Acid, Peru Balsam Oil possesses remarkable antiseptic properties, making it a valuable asset in skincare. From soothing minor scrapes to nourishing dry, reddened skin.

Embrace the natural beauty of your skin as Peru Balsam Oil works its magic, soothing and rejuvenating with every application. 

But that's not all—Peru Balsam Oil is a true multi-tasker. Widely used in wound care and skincare routines, it helps combat unwelcome microbial activity, promoting a clean, healthy environment for your skin to thrive.

On an emotional level, Peru Balsam Oil offers warmth, comfort, and tranquillity. Let its enchanting aroma soothe your senses, calming nervous tension and restoring balance to your mind and spirit. Whether you're seeking solace from out-of-control emotions or aiming to create a tranquil atmosphere, Peru Balsam Oil is your go-to companion.

Embrace the warmth and comfort of Peru Balsam Essential Oil—a natural remedy for both body and soul. Experience its transformative powers and unlock the secret to inner peace.

Used by the Ancient Mayans. Thought to attract Wealth and Happiness, inspire creativity and to assist with Dream Work.

Emotionally and energetically, this Essential Oil is warming, opening, and comforting. Its wonderful aroma helps soothe emotions, is calming and promotes a peaceful atmosphere. Balsam of Peru Oil is also diffused at night to assist with a goods nights sleep.

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