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  • Naturopathically prepared.
  • Therapeutic Grade Organic Essential Oil.
  • No Synthetics.
  • No Fillers.
  • 100% Natural.
  • Quality Control Tested.
  • Best quality for your pleasure.
  • Fast Fresh and Free Shipping.
  • High quality Amber Bottle with dropper!
  • Keep all the goodness in!
  • Not mass produced.
  • Carefully packed by us.
  • Ingredients personally selected based on quality & freshness. 

Experience the pleasure of Therapeutic Grade Organic Essential Oil Blend Palo Santo Shamanic Journey.   

This is a specially crafted blend of Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Night Blooming Jasmine and Cedarwood designed to be used by those who do shamanistic, meditation, pathworking or energy raising. 

The essential oils used in this unique oil are some of the rarest in the world.

Loosely translated, Palo Santo means Holy Wood. Palo Santo has been used for hundreds of years by native shamans for spiritual applications. For those that integrate essential oils within meditation, prayer or other spiritual applications, Palo Santo is an oil to pay close attention to.

Found in various regions of Latin America, the tree known as Palo Santo is a member of the Burseraceae family, which also includes frankincense and myrrh. Palo Santo is quite rare, and its essential oil only comes from the heartwood of a fallen tree that has aged for years, making it one of the most sought-after fragrances in aromatherapy. 

A truly original and divinely inspired scent to enhance your workings.

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