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Product Description
Directions: Applied directly to skin. This is a premixed roll-on safe to use directly on the skin.

It is a blend of 100% pure essential oil and Golden Jojobo certified organic oil. (This so it can be applied directly to the skin. Undiluted essential oils are far to concentrated in most cases to be applied neat or directly onto the skin)

Place the oil directly onto pulse points such as the inner wrist and side of the neck for example so that the oils may be absorbed into the body.

Pure Plant Synergy:

Experience the pleasure of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Absolute Gardenia roll on.
Gardenia Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Gardenia jasminoides
Method: enfleurage/absolute
Origin: China

Gardenia is also known as Gardenia radicans, G grandiflora, G florida, G augusta, Gardinia, Cape Jasmine, Cape Jessamine, and Common Gardenia.

The oil is primarily used in high quality floral based perfumes as it has a beautiful sweet and floral fragrance.

Odour - Fresh green floral odour with sweet undertones

Odour Strength - Medium

Application - In perfumery for its intense and rich floral effect,and its peculiar,sweet green note.

Main naturally occurring constituents - Benzyl Acetate, Strallyl Acetate, PEA ,Terpineol.

Experience the natural wonders of this special essential oil blend whilst at the same time having the advantage of experiencing beautiful all natural scents.

It is prepared with intention and comes in a Beautiful Amber Bottle with Lid and has a steel roll on applicator for your convenience and ease

This process uses an ancient technique of using living vibrant energy oils that connect one with the sense of smell which is one of the strongest senses which can bring about real changes in our own consciousness.

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