Which Essential Oils Are Safe For Babies?

Which Essential Oils Are Safe For Babies?

Essential oils can greatly enhance your aromatherapy experience, as well as your day to day life. They have been used throughout history for thousands of years. However, it is important to know which essential oils are safe for babies if you expect to be around any.

Are essential oils safe for babies?

Since essential oils have a reputation for being soothing and calming, able to alleviate stress and promote emotional well-being, many parents and guardians try diffusing essential oils around their babies to help keep them calm and soothe them.

While diffusing essential oil blends that are considered “safe” can be okay around young children, it is wise to avoid stronger scents and intense oils, and always ensure it is a well ventilated room.. In fact, essential oils in a diffuser can be a great alternative to synthetic fragrances and room fresheners that can be overwhelming and irritating to those who are more sensitive, like babies!

Note that the scalps of babies and young toddlers are much more absorbent than those of adults, and their skin is generally more sensitive. If you want to apply anything topically you need to be very careful what is applied to the head and skin of babies, even if it is heavily diluted. It is usually best to avoid any topical use on young babies and toddlers.

For older toddlers where you may be using baby products that contain essential oils, or using diluted essential oils, it is important to remember that essential oils are highly concentrated, and baby and toddler skin can be sensitive, so it is a good idea to ‘patch test’ new products. Do this by applying a small spot of the product to the back of the hand or arm, and wait 24 hours to ensure your child is not sensitive to the product.

What are some essential oil scents for babies?

If you want to try using essential oils around babies, here are some scents that you may want to consider as they have been deemed to be generally safe for use around infants above 3 months of age. Properly diluted, they may be able to help promote relaxation and sleep, and create a peaceful and relaxing environment.. If you want to diffuse an essential oil when around a young child, be sure to check if that specific oil is safe as every oil is different!

Oils that are being applied topically should always be heavily diluted in a carrier oil first though it is best to avoid topical use on young infants and toddlers, and most importantly, essential oils should never be ingested!


As one of the mildest and gentlest essential oils available, lavender is generally a good scent choice. Blended with a carrier oil, Lavender is highly popular to use as a lovely massage oil to help promote restful sleep, or can be great added to a night time bath for toddlers. Of course this is also one of the best oil options to diffuse, possibly being the most recognisable and popular essential oil in the world..


Peppermint is a refreshing, pleasant scent and is perfect to use in a diffuser to add freshness to a room, and create a calming but bright atmosphere.


Chamomile is a naturally soothing essential oil that is often used to promote sleep. A drop of chamomile essential oil in bath water may be able to bring about soothing effects.


Used in a diffuser Lemon Essential Oil is a wonderfully clean scent that is uplifting and just smells happy! Avoid topical use of Lemon essential oil as it may increase the risk of sunburn.


A wonderful alternative to Lavender, this essential oil is perfect to diffuse at night to promote a calming nighttime environment. If you are not fond of the scent of Lavender, then Mandarin may be the scent for you.

Acquire safe and high quality essential oils

My Herb Clinic offers a wide array of carefully crafted essential oils in gorgeous bottles. We value the safety of everyone trying out essential oils, including those with babies around. Contact us if you have any questions about the safe use of essential oils. 

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