What Herbal Teas Are Good For Your Health?

What Herbal Teas Are Good For Your Health?

Herbal teas come in a wide range of flavours and appearances. They have been used across civilizations for centuries as a natural remedy for various ailments.

Not only is herbal tea delicious, but it has also been linked to supporting a healthy lifestyle. Here are 4 herbal teas you should try.

1. Lemon Balm Herbal Tea

Do you find yourself feeling stressed and anxious?

Melissa officinalis, also known as lemon balm herbal tea, is an organic herbal tea from Greece. Its leaves give off a pleasant, lemony aroma that has hints of sweetness. If you need some time to unwind, lemon balm is a nice tea companion to help you relax.

2. Lavender Herbal Tea

My Herbal Clinic offers an amazing super blue petals herbal tea. The floral lavender taste is comforting, and this tea is lovely when prepared both hot and cold. This versatility is just an added bonus and enables you to try out numerous herbal mixes, such as blending this tea with a spoonful of honey!

Having trouble sleeping? The lavender herbal tea is a soothing choice for those who feel like they might need some help to enhance their sleeping habits and would like a nice, calming flavour.

3. Red Rose Herbal Tea

The premium red rose herbal tea provides, of course, a beautiful rosy aroma. My Herbal Clinic’s red rose herbal tea is made from real rose buds that have been plucked and dried, giving you the opportunity to enjoy their refreshing taste.

The taste is a favourite for many people who enjoy this sweet, passionate scent, but may be too strong if you’re not a fan of roses. Still, the rose has been shown to be a potentially great source of Vitamin C.

4. Licorice Root Herb Tea

The licorice root, botanically known as Glycyrrhiza glabra, is a fine cut root herbal tea originating from Egypt. It can typically be brewed like a loose leaf tea and can even be rebrewed between sittings, making it a convenient beverage.

If you’re fond of the taste of spice, this licorice root brew is a unique choice that tastes of both sweetness and spice.

Get high quality herbal tea now!

Want to try out some of these amazing flavours? My Herb Clinic is a proudly Australian owned and operated family business. We offer a wonderful selection of aromatic herbal teas and blends. Pick your desired herbal tea today! 

18th Jan 2023 My Herb Clinic

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