What Are The Benefits of Blue Lotus Absolute Essential Oil?

What Are The Benefits of Blue Lotus Absolute Essential Oil?

Do you suffer from negative emotions and thoughts? Do you want to turn those into delightful desire, ecstasy, and euphoria?

Meet the enchanting Blue Lotus Absolute Essential Oil Lily ~ Aphrodisiac.

Blue Lotus is Considered a Natural, Essential Oil Aphrodisiac

Blue Lotus is considered a natural, essential oil aphrodisiac

Blue Lotus is part of the exquisite Celestial essential oils line. It’s an organically crafted Absolute, perfect for Naturopaths who want to enrich their sexual lives.

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) has a rich Egyptian history. It is an ancestral flower that is known for inducing meditation, enhancing spiritual energy, and boosting libido. It has been traditionally used as an intoxicating sexual enhancer and a natural aphrodisiac. Don’t miss out on this aromatic oil.

Blue Lotus Absolute Oil diffuses to create a pleasing aroma that is exhilarating and memorable.

100% Natural, Undiluted Organic Essential Oil

At My Herb Clinic, we offer our best Blue Lotus Oil using organic hexane free extraction, also known as enfleurage. This essential oil comes in a gorgeous dark amber glass bottle for your collection.

Since we pride ourselves on organic, synthetic additive-free and fillers-free products, you can expect your Blue Lotus Oil to be created organically.

Open your Chakras with the Essential Oil: Blue Lotus

Blue lotus Flowers are widely acknowledged as the most hypnotic of the Lotus flowers. You can pair it with other essential oils and crystals to help open your Chakras and improve your meditation experiences. If you also use Reiki Healing to improve your life, you can boost your spiritual journey with the Blue Lotus Absolute Essential Oil.

The Third Eye Chakra, which is said to be located on the center of your forehead, is a Chakra point that many people wish to open. It is used to enhance wisdom and insight, deepening your spiritual connection at the same time.

By using the Blue Lotus Absolute Essential Oil ~ Aphrodisiac with the Third Eye Chakra, you can potentially improve your Reiki Spiritual experience. The essential oil can help you dispel your negative emotions and thoughts, improving your overall well being.

The Blue Lotus Absolute Essential Oil is treasured by many. Get your own today so you can experience the euphoria and excellence that this particular essential oil may be able to provide. 

26th Sep 2022 MY HERB CLINIC

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