The Versatility Of The Camphor Laurel Tree

The Versatility Of The Camphor Laurel Tree

The Camphor Laurel Tree is incredibly interesting as depending on the growing conditions and climate, essential oils distilled from the wood of this tree can have a very different scent profile, due to changes in the dominant constituents or chemotypes (ct.).

Botanical name: Cinnamomum camphora

Typically Camphor trees grown in India and Sri Lanka are dominant in Camphor content, making essential oil distilled from these trees, Camphor Oil, or Cinnamomum camphora ct. Camphor.
Camphor trees grown in Japan and Taiwan result in wood that is higher in Linalool, resulting in Ho Wood Oil, or Cinnamomum camphora ct. Linalool.
And Camphor trees from Madagascar are rich in Cineole, resulting in Ravintsara oil, or Cinnamomum camphora ct. Cineole.
What an incredibly versatile tree! It does raise the question however, of how changing climates will effect the chemical profile of these trees and the resulting essential oils in the future?  
13th May 2021 Krystle Holzberger - Naturopath

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