The Unique Properties and Uses of Australian Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

The Unique Properties and Uses of Australian Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

Essential oils are a core component of aromatherapy. Some of the best essential oils come from Australia, with plenty of flourishing flora and intoxicating ingredients.

Here are the top 4 unique properties and uses of Australian essential oils.

1. Australian essential oils have rejuvenating properties

If you have trouble with headaches, infections, and colds, you probably want an essential oil that has a refreshing and stimulating scent. While you could find citrus-scented essential oils anywhere else, plants that are native to Australia offer unique scents that can’t be found elsewhere.

You can find amazing plants with rejuvenating properties in Australia, such as the Kunzea and the Eucalyptus.

2. They can help you detox and cleanse your spirit

For those who have been feeling more down recently, aromatherapy can be a therapeutic experience. Some Australian essential oils can evoke a sense of cleansing and detoxification, which could lift your spirits and help you feel better.

One of our favourite essential oils for the oil burner is the Lemon Myrtle, which gives off an invigorating scent. The Tea Tree is a warmer, spicier option that is perfect if you want to feel soothed and cozy

3. Australian plants have anti-inflammatory properties

Plants like the Australian Blue Cypress have been said to have anti-inflammatory compounds and effects. If you’re frustrated or worried about inflammation, you might want to seek out an essential oil that has anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory potential.

4. You can even use Australian essential oils in the form of a body mist

If you’re an aromatherapy enthusiast, you probably already know how to use essential oils with diffusers. Did you know that depending on your choice of essential oils, you might also be able to spray them as a body mist?

For example, the Balm Mint Bush oil has been popularly used as both a room freshener and a body mist.

As you explore the world of Australian essential oils, you can find more creative ways to enjoy stimulating new scents! Just remember to be careful with each oil’s application, since some methods might not be appropriate for that oil.

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17th Mar 2023 My Herb Clinic

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