The Benefits of Incorporating Essential Oils into Your Meditation Practice

The Benefits of Incorporating Essential Oils into Your Meditation Practice

Adding aromatherapy to your meditation routine can enhance your overall experience and even support your sense of well-being. As long as you use the essential oils safely, the results can be amazing.

Here are some of the top benefits of incorporating essential oils into meditation.

1. Essential oils can improve your concentration

Focusing during a meditation session can be challenging if your day has been filled with stressors. As you perform breathing exercises, you may want to diffuse an essential oil in the background. Many people find this beneficial to their focus, as the pleasant aromas can ground them in the moment.

In addition, smelling the same scent each morning or night (whenever you practise meditation) could help you more easily establish a sense of routine. If you aren’t experienced at meditating, combining it with essential oils could facilitate the process for you.

2. They can help you relax your body

One great advantage of essential oils is how many different scents exist. You can easily find an aroma you enjoy, be it lavender, peppermint, or any other scent you are fond of or interested in.

Our minds are prone to associate scents with certain experiences. If you choose a pleasant scent, it can be a lot easier to relax your muscles as you meditate. This can make you feel more prepared to clear your mind for your meditation practice. Some scents are even better than others at having soothing effects!

3. Essential oils can make meditation more enjoyable

It’s true – while meditation and aromatherapy are mainly known for their spiritual and emotional benefits, they can also be an exciting and fun experience!

There are many ways to use essential oils. You can apply them topically or diffuse them. Our favourite way is to use a steam diffuser as we meditate, but other popular methods are tissue, candle, and electric heat diffuser. Meditating with essential oils means you can mix and match different aromas, try out luxury scents that evoke different emotions, and enhance your overall meditation experience.

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15th May 2023 My Herb Clinic

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