3 Essential Oils For Halloween

3 Essential Oils For Halloween

There’s a playful chill in the air. Spooky season is here, which means that My Herb Clinic has prepared some essential oils just for Halloween, just for you. Here are three essential oils you can’t miss:

1. Celestial Blend – Moon Flower

The Moon Flower scent is a sophisticated and modern spicy floral arrangement. Breathe in the intoxicating night blooming jasmine, sweetened by a splash of fresh red roses and sweet lilies. Together with the spices of cinnamon, clove, and mysterious anise, this particular blend is unique and absolutely divine. It’s refreshing, sensual, and mysterious, just like Halloween.

My Herb Clinic oil ingredients are personally selected based on quality and freshness. No synthetics, no fillers – this Essential Oil is therapeutic grade and 100% natural. You can fully enjoy the Moon Flower Essential Oil during any season, especially around Halloween.

2. Celestial Raven Whispers Blend – Shaman Totem

Halloween has deep historical roots, stretching all the way back to the Gaelic festival of Samhain. Celebrations would often come with the crackling of bonfires, divination, and feasting. To get the feeling of tapping into such a mysteriously festive atmosphere, we welcome you to try out the Shaman Totem Essential Oil Blend.

This beautiful blend contains the Essential Oils of sandalwood, cassia, frankincense, orris root, and violet. If your life has seemed stagnant, breathing in the amazing scent of this oil may be able to bring you a sense of renewal.

The Shaman Totem Essential Oil comes in a delicate, gorgeous amber bottle with dropper for your convenience.

3. Celestial Essential Oil – Stardust

This particular essential oil is a tribute to the stars from which all creation is formed. The blend contains vetiver, geranium, lemon grass, sweet orange, and ylang-ylang, which makes for a less common scent than you may be used to. It’s an aromatic journey in itself and may be able to invoke a sense of delight in Naturopaths who breathe it in.

People love to try out this unique Stardust Essential Oil by burning it while performing relaxing activities. This therapeutic-grade essential oil is fresh and beautifully packed for your enjoyment.

Get Halloween Essential Oils Today!

My Herb Clinic offers a fantastic selection of essential oils. We provide fast, fresh, and free shipping so that you can obtain seasonal essential oils when you need them. These blends are not mass produced – they’re each carefully created, quality tested, and packed by us! 

25th Oct 2022 My Herb Clinic

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