Botanical Perfumes

Botanical Perfumes

Botanical Perfumes

Healthy Natural Pure
Be Unique. Smell Unique with this All Natural Fragrances.

All Natural - no artificial or chemicals.

Comes in a Beautiful 5ml Amber Bottle with Lid and has a steel roll on applicator for your convenience and ease.

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Exquisite and intoxicating perfumes that would make a beautiful gift for any woman.

Celestial ® Perfumes are different from most other commercially available perfumes because they do not contain any synthetic fragrances or chemicals.

The all natural ingredients makes their scent softer and more subtle wearing closer to the body.

Treat Yourself and your body. 

Experience the natural wonders of these special essential oil Perfumes whilst at the same time having the advantage of experiencing beautiful all natural scents.