Product Description
Directions: Applied directly to skin. This is a premixed roll-on safe to use directly on the skin.

It is a blend of 100% pure essential oil Balm of Gilead and Golden Jojobo organic oil. (This so it can be applied directly to the skin. Real essential oils are far to concentrated in most cases to be applied neat or directly onto the skin)

Place the oil directly onto pulse points such as the inner wrist and side of the neck for example so that the oils may be absorbed into the body.

Pure Plant Synergy:


This oils name comes from the ancient region of Gilead in Palestine. It is mentioned several times in the Bible (e.g., Jeremiah 8:22). The writings of Pliny the Elder indicate that the tree was brought to Rome in the first century a.d. The historian Josephus recorded that the Queen of Sheba made a gift of balm of Gilead to King Solomon.

Used for; Love, Protection, Healing. Said to mend a broken heart or attract a new love.

This is the real deal and comes in a dark amber glass bottle. It is made with pure 100% Therapeutic grade Essential Oils and Organic Jojoba Oil. We pride ourselves on only providing products that contain no synthetic additives or fillers.

How to use.

Apply to your pulse points such as inner wrists or temples etc. As you are applying this oil visualise in your minds eye the purpose you are using the oil for and see and feel the result as already being accomplished and manifested in your life.

This can be rubbed onto a candle (white is a good go to colour to use) which is then burnt whilst visualising the desired effect or whilst meditating.

This is a premixed roll-on safe to use directly on the skin.

Experience the natural wonders of this special essential oil blend whilst at the same time having the advantage of experiencing beautiful all natural scents.

It is prepared with intention and comes in a Beautiful Amber Bottle with Lid and has a steel roll on applicator for your convenience and ease.

This process uses an ancient technique of using living vibrant energy oils that connect one with the sense of smell which is one of the strongest senses which can bring about real changes in our own consciousness.

These beautiful 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Organic Essential oils will impress and delight your senses as only a Pure Essential oil can.

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